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Curriculum. Exploration. Application. Satisfaction.

At The Paris Way, when you leave the bench for the ice surface you are in examen mode, but your homework assignments have received attention & when required, adjustment help is applied. You will not only be happy but more important at continual peace, due to execution confidence acquired. 

We use hockey to teach important lessons. We also mix in ideas from other sports to help you visualize, understand, and perform better. It's important to know that we're not like regular skills camps, because we are NOT a traditional skill camp AT ALL!!!  We're about using the technical skills already known by the player and provide situation for the player to express them in the right way during real games. We want you to really understand how the pros play and be able to do it yourself - you are either an asset or a liability and we must provide the reasons why & how they can be an asset, no one keeps liabilities around.


Think of us more like a school than a regular camp. We're here to help you grasp the game performance factors and get really good at playing such in a practical way. As players are having to convince the Gm, his development group and finally the coaching staff, 

you learn about the importance of your playing minutes allocated depend upon perception motivated by execution enhanced by learning exactly the who factor during action game situations. 





Our Founder, John Paris Jr. is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player, Gm, coach, and scout. Paris’ playing career ended in 1970 after playing his minor hockey in Windsor, N. S, John toiled within the Montreal Canadian, Chicago Blackhawks & Philadelphia Flyers organizations, an eternal student of the game. His skating and scoring prowess earned him the nickname “Chocolate Rocket”.  John is known for many accomplishments, after starting out as a Junior and minor hockey coach in St. Joseph de Sorel in 1969, he co-founded with his friend (NHL er)  the John Paris Jr. - Real Lemieux Hockey School in 1972, moving forward in 1986 – 1987, he became the first Black head coach to win the prestigious Air Canada Cup – the Stanley Cup of minor hockey in North America during that era. He also was the first black scout in the NHL, for the St. Louis Blues and 1987-1988  became the first Black Head Coach and first Black General Manager in the Canadian Junior Major Hockey League with Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) with Trois Rivieres Draveurs, Granby Bisons & St. Jean Lynx. In the 1993-94 season, Paris was hired by the Atlanta Knights of the International Hockey League (IHL), the farm team of NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning. His move to Atlanta made him the first Black coach to win a cup in professional hockey, and proved to be a good one as he led the Knights to win the Turner Cup, the IHL’s championship title! John was the Assistant Director of the hockey program at IMG Academy and the head coach of the United States Junior & Prep Summer Development Program (USJDP), where he coached for 19 years. John was the Assistant Director of Hockey Development with Head Director, Jacques Martin career NHL coach - Gm (now consultant with Ottawa Senators) for the prestigious program SKATE WITH THE PRO’S, INC. those involved in program were super star Mario Lemieux, Alain Lemieux, NHL super-agent Pat Brisson, Luc Robitaille, Steve Duchesne, Bob Hartley, Alain Rajotte, Michel Therrien were major players. Also, a certified sports psychologist, Paris has a special ability to motivate his players as well as a vast hockey knowledge that covers all aspects of the game. An eternal student of the game who has only one interest, helping better prepare players from minor hockey levels to NHL. He recently competed a Neuro Skills coaching program with the original neuro skills expert Nathan Biddulph, John’s interest in hockey awareness identification & adjustment for players, coaches & parents, helps to promote his DECADES OLD STATEMENT - ‘’ MOST CERTAINLY HOCKEY SENSE & ANTICIPATIONAL GAME PERFORMANCE CAN BE TAUGHT AND IMPROVED’’ we as coaches must educate ourselves better and hockey coaching certifications is only one part of the equation. It never ends.  

Now living in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife and youngest daughter, John is actively involved in hockey as a discrete well sought after game performance consultant for top-level professional players while maintaining an interest in providing what he has learned with others to help with their development. 

In February 2023, for Paris’ many firsts and contributions to the sport, Hockey Nova Scotia launched a petition to have Paris considered by the Hockey Hall of Fame Selection Committee, to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame as a Builder. Presented on the Web and in Social Media under the slogan “Paris to Toronto”, the initiative rose important support and attention from the media and the population.

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